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  • ValueGo® uses a next-generation and most reliable, fast and accurate technology platform of data collection.
  • It ensure compliance with regulations on product components traceability to safeguard public welfare, products quality and corporate brand value.
  • The use of this platform ensures an higher trasparency level of companies towards the market as it allows consumers to be aware of product tracking and aware of any operators involved in the product process. From this point of view, Value Go® represents an extraordinary marketing and communication tool able to provide an accurate response to the growing consumers requests on source and quality of products.
  • It provides a better arrangement of just in time manufacturing processes, especially useful in high sensitive areas for consumers such as: returns management, complaints management and after – sales support.
  • Permette di ottimizzare la gestione dei flussi dei prodotti, elevando gli standard di efficienza di aree aziendali fondamentali come la produzione e la logistica.
  • It allows a better management of product flows and efficiency standards improvement for key business areas such as production and logistics.
  • It's a coordinating tool of the entire supply chain. Thanks to it, in fact, it's possible to get full control of the different stages: raw materials source, intermediate convertion and improvements, end product, transport and sales. The overriding control data are properly stored in a central system and are of easy access for end consumers.
  • It's an essential tool for data sharing both with suppliers and customers, ensuring data flow continuity and reducing, thus, losses due to inefficiencies along the supply chain.
  • It's an effective tool to fight against products counterfeiting.
  • It is a necessary step for those companies which have a customer oriented vision, invest in brand preservation and valorisation and aim to origin and quality certifications, in order to safeguard their product.
  • It's useful for a more effective workforce management.
  • It helps companies to improve their “value proposition” towards consumers and to differentiate itself from competitors.

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Cisco Italia
Ministero Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali
Università Federico II - Napoli
Università di Salerno
Museo Leonardo Da Vinci